Over much of the past year I’ve written about spoken about and wrestled with COMMITMENT.
It all started in 2002 when I got the idea to do a book called “The 10 Commitments.”
At the time my publisher said, “It’s a catchy title, but I’m sure it’s been done before.”
Nope. But even if it had, I still had to do this book.

A year later, I made a conscious decision to “position” myself as a writer and a consultant who speaks…not as just “a speaker.” I committed to writing. I was already writing at the time and had been for years in my journals, but I began writing more, on a consistent basis.

Writing for publication, writing to influence, or just to capture ideas (taking notes).
I committed to it.
Consistency (continuing) is a big key in any commitment.
Not only has it made a giant impact on my business and what I do, but who I am as well.

As we roll the calendar over into a brand new year, how will you write your new script?
What’s your vision or mission or passion or purpose for This NEW Year?
What will you commit to? Not a resolution, but a commitment.
There’s a big difference.
And what I’ve found is that before you can commit… to anyone or anything, you must BELIEVE. You must believe in something, or there is little or no foundation to build upon.

Walt Disney once said of making dreams come true,
“When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionably.”
I have my own list of things that I believe in. Do you have one?

If not (or even if it’s not written down), I encourage you to make a list.
Making a list is a powerful thing that can begin a process.
A process that may lead you to greater achievements and incredible accomplishments…
in life and in your work.

One of my favorite list of “things to believe in” comes from a book by Merrill Oster and Mike Hamel that also appears in my book.

Here’s their list…

I believe in God as the First Principle.
I believe in the power of dreams and visions.
I believe in using my God-given aptitudes for excellence.
I believe in work as a vocation, as saying yes to an authentic life.
I believe in giving back to build a better community.
I believe in going beyond success to significance.
I believe in taking calculated risks.
I believe in win-win relationships.
I believe in the value of values.
I believe in lifelong learning.

Me too.

Do you know what you believe in?
It’s the first step in making any commitment.

The bedrock of this book ,and any achievement worthwhile, is that
“commitment is stronger than motivation.”

To truly succeed, in anything, it takes more than motivation.
The more I studied success and the individuals who had really achieved it,
the more I was convinced it was all about commitment.
Doing a few disciplines on a consistent basis, even when you don’t “feel” very motivated to do them.

Vision is one of the uncommon characteristics of achieving big success.
And BIG really is available.
If you have a vision for what something can become, or what you can become,
you’re less likely to let a bad day or tough week keep you from achieving it.
Your “thing” is out there on the horizon. You can see it, feel it, almost touch it…
and you’re going for it. You may not get there today, but you have a strong reason to continue your pursuit until…
That’s resolve. That’s commitment.

If you have a vision for what something can become,
or what you can become,
you’re less likely to let a bad day or tough week
keep you from achieving it

The story on the commitments?
Each commitment ends in “I-N-G”
As in, Beginning, Becoming, Leading, Understanding, etc.
Largely because a commitment is ongoing, it’s never past tense but always in the present.
It’s the process that takes you somewhere special.

Fact is, the wealth of the ages is at your disposal right now.
Shelves of books wait at a library around the corner with a “free pass” for you to get in and check them out. Your “www” access to the whole wide world of information that can change how big and how fast your success happens today.
How can commitment change you and your success for a brand new year?
Find out for yourself.
If you’d like my short list on commitment, email me: leader@michaelyork.com
If you’d like to know more about the book…get it at: www.MichaelYork.com

To Your Uncommon Success,