What’s the difference between the masses and the true CAR STARS in the marketplace?
Between the individuals and organizations navigating these uncharted waters of a shifting economy and those crashing on the rocks of the same old ways of doing things?

How lucky they are?
Their location?
How about their…FOCUS!

What should you and I be FOCUSED on today? What are MOST INDIVIDUALS focused on…And does it really have anything to do with how things work out?

If you’re a photographer, FOCUS is key. Lose your focus as a leader and your team or company will soon follow. Take your eye off the ball as a hitter or wide receiver and you’re down and out…no touchdown, you’ve struck out. And so it is in the marketplace today, FOCUS IS CRITICAL.


Whenever someone walks up and says something like “Hey, did you see what THEY’RE SAYING on the news?” I’ve noticed what follows is rarely something GOOD or POSITIVE.
The FOCUS is on the worst possible scenario that may (or may not) happen.

I’ve mentioned on several occasions a powerful lesson I’ve gotten in recent weeks from a book I read called CHANGE THE WAY YOU SEE EVERYTHING. I was intrigued by the title and impressed by the overriding message in the book.

Here’s the message:

MOST PEOPLE FOCUS on these 2 things:

  1. What’s WORST about what’s going on right now in their life, or work, or “the news” or whatever. What’s the WORST thing you can imagine? Now focus on that for a day or week or weeks and see what happens…is it any wonder if that is the FOCUS of most individuals that we are a FEARFUL and WORRYING society?
  1. What’s HAPPENED or happening or MAY HAPPEN (see #1). In essence, something that is BEYOND YOUR CONTROL.

That’s the prevailing VICTIM mentality that says you’re at the mercy of someone or something or outside forces or…more fear and worry that literally PARALIZES individuals from taking action and lulls them into a pattern of “WAITING on THINGS TO CHANGE or SOMEONE ELSE To CHANGE THINGS.”

If you were going to CHANGE THINGS would you wait for everyone else to change or just begin with YOU?


The 2 things that the UNCOMMON minority (top performers, high achievers, CAR STARS etc.) are FOCUSED ON:

  1. What’s BEST (just the opposite of the majority) about what’s NOW or what you’ve done or seen or achieved or provided to the marketplace. What’s BEST with you? By focusing on what’s BEST it provides some measure of encouragement and positive reinforcement that allows you to make decisions on life and work that brings greater COMMITMENT because what you’re doing is making a difference in “this area.”

What’s BEST about what you’re doing now?

  1. What’s NEXT for you, your business, your life, your family, your (fill in the blank)…

When you FOCUS ON WHAT’S NEXT it brings an energy and inertia that propels you in that direction. It’s actually a LAW that says a body at rest TENDS or has a tendency toward staying at rest, while a BODY IN MOTION or mind in motion TENDS to remain IN MOTION or be propelled in the direction of the NEW THING THAT IS NEXT.

This is the kind of “entrepreneurial adrenalin” that most individuals have felt who opened their own business or started an enterprise or pursued an idea. And it’s difficult to explain to anyone who HASN’T.

It’s an ENTREPRENEURIAL EXPERIENCE that brings positive energy and can bring an excitement and a passion that transcends the day-to-day STUFF that we all have to deal with.

It’s just that when we FOCUS on WHAT’S NEXT all the other STUFF seems to become less and less a paralyzing force and must step aside for anyone who is ON THEIR WAY to what’s next and has made a commitment to go there.

Taking charge of our THOUGHTS and our FOCUS is one of the powerful clues that success has left behind for centuries.

If you need some POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT to help with your FOCUS on what’s really important today, go back to basics with some of these books and timeless messages:

  • THINK AND GROW RICH” by Napoleon Hill (re-read it)
  • The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale
  • Becoming Uncommon” (shameless plug by me)

Don’t neglect the POWER of positive messages and FOCUSING on these 2 things that bring you through the difficult times toward BIG SUCCESS…

What’s BEST…and WHAT’S NEXT!

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To Your Uncommon Success,

Editors Note: Michael York wrote the book on Becoming Uncommon.

He is the Founder/President of The Michael York Learning Center and a  certified business/marketing consultant who speaks to over 50 audiences each year as well as leading the national Dealer MASTERMIND and monthly coaching for dealers through his WINNERS CIRCLE program. Michael’s continuing education videos (CETV) have sold over 6000 copies in North Carolina (his home state) alone. He has interviewed over 180 of the TOP DEALERS in America and his columns appear regularly in over 20 publications across the country and online as well as in his monthly E news. Hear one of Michael’s MILLION DOLLAR DEALER interviews with top dealers and CARSTARS at www.BetterDealers.com